Hospital Corporation of America is Draining the Lifeblood From Local Austin Hospitals Amidst the Pandemic

The out-of-state corporation is hurting Austin hospitals, patients, frontline healthcare heroes

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Tennessee-based Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) is siphoning millions of dollars of resources away from our local hospitals — lining their pockets amidst a pandemic, and creating profound suffering for Austin residents.

In fact, HCA has siphoned $250 million in profits and resources from local hospitals in one year
alone. Those resources should be going to patient care as our city and our region suffers amidst the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Check the facts:

HCA doesn’t care about Austin.

About HCA:

HCA’s hijinks at St. David’s aren’t anything new. Here’s how HCA has clawed its way to the top of the profit pyramid.


Call to Action:

Tell HCA ‘Don’t mess with Austin’: it’s time to stop the predatory medical billing, profit skimming to line the pockets of corporate executives, and failure to invest in the resources needed for St. David’s to better handle the COVID-19 pandemic.

St. David's HealthCare is cutting pay for some workers in a pandemic

- is that how we thank our healthcare heroes?

It’s time to fight back, Austin.

Join the movement of Austin nurses and healthcare workers standing up for our patients, for each other, and for our city.


HCA Vs Austin/HealthOneFailures is part of HCA Vs America, a national initiative to hold HCA accountable to patients and workers across the nation.